in New York
HVAC Installation, Maintenance
and Repair
Help in selection
Together we will select the best air conditioner option according to your needs and room size
We will install the air conditioner quickly and efficiently, regardless of the degree of complexity
If necessary – we can replace old air conditioner with a new one with a quality guarantee
We will take care of every detail of your air conditioner system
Diagnostics and repair
We will diagnose your air conditioner and quickly fix any problems found
To ensure that your air conditioner serves you well, we will clean and lubricate its details
Why Choose Us
Energy Savings
Cut energy costs with our efficient systems!
Certified Pros
Trust our certified HVAC experts
Maintenance Packages
Comprehensive HVAC maintenance plans
Top Brands
Authorized dealer of leading brands
Over 15 years of HVAC excellence
Duct Cleaning
Professional duct cleaning service
We finished our professional security course
Local cleaning after ‌a job
We take your old AC and all trash after work complete
We use only professional tools, which increases the quality of work and minimizes the likelihood of any problems with the equipment after installation.
Brooklyn, Williamsburg, NY 11211
Brooklyn, Williamsburg, NY 11211
Brooklyn, Williamsburg, NY 11211
Stages of work
Choosing an air conditioner
Our qualified specialists have many years of experience working with air conditioners. They will listen carefully to all your requests, take the necessary measurements and offer the most suitable system for you in terms of type and capacity
Identify installation locations
At the next stage, our specialists will calculate the optimal air conditioner placement options for proper installation, efficient operation and comfortable life. You will be able to choose the option that you like best from those offered
After that, our specialists will carry out all the necessary installation work using the best professional tools, check the serviceability of your new air conditioner, tell you about the terms of use and answer all your questions
We are working in 5 boroughs
Authorized dealer of leading brands
Major global market players choose us. We appreciate this trust and value our reputation as good professionals
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